Show Overview


IFJAG is a group of passionate people ready to serve customers with the best selection of fashion jewelry and accessories. While being at the forefront of upcoming trends and styles is key, the trade show format and locations are equally important. With trade shows three times a year from New York to Las Vegas, we provide a venue where fashion meets comfort. We follow the major markets and provide a unique trade show, offering private showrooms by occupying hotel rooms in major cities. With change always on the horizon, we work hard to keep up with where the action is!


We understand buyers have a choice. Since IFJAG is a not-for-profit association, our core focus is about bringing the best collections of fashion jewelry and accessories to all buyers who attend. Our goal is to provide private showrooms where browsing and buying is as easy as possible. We also work hard to provide an environment where buyers can buy and vendors can show without the hustle and bustle of an open format. The total buying experience is important to us and we strive to provide a space where buyer/vendor relationships can grow.